Sacramento Events Recognizes Top Team Members With Travel

Two of Sacramento Events’ leaders attended the national admin conference in California. The firm’s Owner, Zeke, shared his thoughts on the value of business travel and embracing change.

Many travel opportunities exist throughout the year for Sacramento Events’ team members. They can often be found on road trips to regional training events or flying to exotic locales for some well-deserved rest and relaxation. Travel is just one method for letting associates know that their efforts are appreciated.

Recently, Zeke and Christina, the firm’s admin , journeyed to the national conference. “We’d never been to one of these events before, so it was a great new experience for both of us to see what it was like and understand what it was about,” shared Zeke. “For me, as a new Owner, it was helpful to see just how big a role the admin plays in the company. That was the biggest thing I got from the conference – admins really are the driving forces of our success, and if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have a business.”

Zeke continued, saying, "The great thing about Christina is she came from the field, so she already had a great foundation and work ethic. She realized how much opportunity there is on the admin side of the business and decided to move her career in that direction. Not only is she up on recruitment policies, she is constantly moving throughout the office, helping with team members and staying late when needed.”

How Travel Encourages Growth at Sacramento Events

Weekend events like the national admin conference are more than just perks. They are parts of the Sacramento Events commitment to ongoing learning – not only because of the information that is presented at such a weekend, but also because traveling is a growth experience in and of itself.

According to Zeke, when people take trips – no matter for a day, a weekend, or longer – they are leaving their comfort zones and immersing themselves in the unknown. Doing so forces them out of their routines, and in at least a small way forces them to embrace change. This is great because change teaches people resiliency and reveals strengths that may be hidden.

Travel also has a rejuvenating quality that Zeke noticed in Christina. “She came back to the Sacramento Events office with a clear set of goals and immediately started hitting them,” he shared. “I am really glad we both had the opportunity to go to this conference, and I’m certain that this is the beginning of a fantastic professional relationship.”

About Sacramento Events:

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