Sacramento Events Recognizes Top Performer

Sacramento Events’ Director of Operations highlighted the achievements of an outstanding team member. She also discussed the benefits of professional recognition and offered tips for effectively providing it.

“We are always happy to put our top performers in the spotlight,” stated Sacramento Events’ Director of Operations. “Zeke was recently promoted to assistant manager, and I have full confidence in his ability to thrive in the new role. He will soon be opening his own office, and will be responsible for guiding his team to predetermined revenue goals and strengthening bonds between members.” 

Zeke came from a successful family with a background in business management, and the Director feels he has found the ideal match with Sacramento Events. She explained, “Zeke embodies so many of the core values that guide our success. He is committed to constant learning, and he isn’t afraid to question the status quo when necessary.” Zeke is also good at accepting all types of feedback and using it to improve his performance. “He will do anything it takes to get the team and himself to the next level,” the Director added. 

Sacramento Events’ Director of Operations Offers Tips for Effective Team Member Recognition

The Director and her fellow leaders at Sacramento Events have always believed in the power of team member recognition. They also understand that not every company maintains the same type of commitment. “It’s not always easy to know where to start when it comes to showing your appreciation for your people’s efforts,” the Director remarked. “I think the most important step, which is also the first one, is to create your own goals and action plans for recognition. Make sure you emphasize the actions that reflect your company values, because those are the ones you want to spread throughout your team.”

Fairness is also a key element of any recognition program, because people need to know that each person has an equal chance of being put in the spotlight for his or her efforts. The Director stated, “You have to set criteria for which team members will be recognized and when. Here at Sacramento Events, we establish clear benchmarks that our associates know they must attain or exceed to win formal recognition. It simply isn’t fair to base your praise on your opinion or some type of vague criteria.” 

“It’s important to be specific when you tell an individual why he or she is receiving recognition,” the Director concluded. “General praise is always welcome, of course, but our Sacramento Events leaders believe it is much more powerful when it includes a clear link between a person’s work and the company’s success.”

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