Sacramento Events' New Owner Discussed Personal Story

Sacramento Events’ new Owner, Zeke, discussed his story and the characteristics that make an effective leader. 

Before joining Sacramento Events, Zeke worked as a manager for Starbucks. He wanted to find a career path with greater opportunity. According to Zeke, “I knew I loved working with people and helping teach others how to become successful both personally and professionally.” So, experiential marketing seemed like the perfect fit.

“This field is amazing because it allows us to work closely with consumers to satisfy their needs,” he explained. “Our goal is to build rapport with each audience. This work gets me out of bed, excited for the day to come.”

Clearly Zeke made the right career choice as he is taking on ownership at Sacramento Events. He endeavors to always be the hardest-working person in the room. Will Smith once said, “When people are partying, I'm working; when people are playing, I'm working; when people are going out, I'm working.” Zeke indicated that he tries to live by these words every day.

He added that the most important skills in his field are communication, motivation, and business savvy. These abilities can be learned through hard work and determination. So, Zeke encourages anyone who wants to get ahead in marketing to apply themselves to developing and applying those skills.

Sacramento Events’ Owner Discussed the Characteristics of Effective Leaders

Zeke tries to lead Sacramento Events by example. He always gives 100 percent to any project he takes on and simply asks that his team members do the same.

“The best managers don’t act like dictators; they show the way for their people,” he explained. “Motivating and guiding others are two of the most essential aspects of leadership. I don’t think you can be effective at either without being willing to lead from the front.”

He added that excellent leaders are also very perceptive. They know how to assess situations, their teams, and themselves. By understanding the challenges and resources at hand, great managers can enable success for the whole team, explained Zeke.

“I set clear paths for my associates to realize not only the company’s goals but also their own,” he continued. “Every success for the team should also help advance my associates’ lives. To accomplish this, my management team and I must always set and communicate clear objectives. Leaders who empower others through clarity and motivation will always set their teams up for lasting success.”

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