Sacramento Events' Career Opportunities, Giving Efforts

The Sacramento Events team is committed to investing in the community. They do so by providing career opportunities in the region, and by giving back to charities.

“There are actually a lot of ways we give back to our community,” said Sacramento Events’ President. “However, I think our career track and philanthropic efforts make the biggest impact. As far as our career opportunities go, we don’t just offer jobs. We provide motivated people with the ability to advance toward their ambitious professional goals. Vanessa is evidence of that fact.”

The company President explained that Vanessa is an enthusiastic, forward-focused member of the Sacramento Events team. Her collaborative spirit has earned her the role of trainer. According to Vanessa, “I have become someone I can be proud of, and I continue to grow into someone I want to be every day. I respect being trained in all aspects of the business and I appreciate the personal and professional growth that has occurred already. I'm excited for the future and look forward to the next few months - I can't wait to interview and train and oversee a team. I'm also excited to see the other trainers grow and our office expand. Our goal is to open new markets in Hawaii, Washington, and North Carolina. I can't wait to turn our goals into a reality!”

“It’s obvious that Vanessa has what it takes to do amazing things within the company,” the firm’s President stated. “The more we strengthen our team, the more we have to give to the community. It’s part of our philosophy to make sure everyone benefits.”

Sacramento Events President Discusses May Giveback Effort

“As I’ve explained, the Sacramento Events team regularly participates in all sorts of volunteer activities and other giving efforts,” the President continued. “Throughout the month of May, our focus was on Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF). It was an honor to support such an important cause.”

The firm’s President explained that ALSF is a nonprofit organization committed to raising funding for and awareness of the incidence of childhood cancer. Areas of emphasis include causes of such cancers, as well as research on potential treatments and cures. The group also empowers people – children in particular – to join the cause.

“ALSF began when a little girl, Alex – who was battling her own cancer – started a lemonade stand with her older brother,” the President concluded. “She wanted to use the money she earned to help doctors find a cure for the sickness. The children raised an impressive $2,000 in just one day. The project took off from there. By the time she passed away from the disease at eight years old, her project raised more than $1 million. It’s remarkable, and we hope to continue our involvement with ALSF in the future.”

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